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Master Body Painter
Public Speaker
Skin Wars Season 3 Finalist

Alison  Kenyon 

Damn I enjoyed the ride -with her strategic prowess and general boss bitch attitude. Even as pretty much the primary villain of the season, watching her take her reign of terror all the way to 2nd and

bowl over the rest of the competition as she curbstomped their asses was an amazing journey to

watch.  What an absolute superstar.    - Skin Wars Fan


Stylish, outspoken, and sometimes controversial, there's no denying that Alison Kenyon is an attention grabbing and memorable personality

- not to mention a KICK ASS body painter.

Here is the place to view galleries and purchase

original body art gift items
for the Skin Wars fan in your life.

Connect, follow the blog, and BOOK Alison

for public appearances,
speaking engagements,

and of course BODY PAINTING.

Oh Alison. You could have chosen any show to take the world by storm.   Alison is someone that you could put on ANY show and get an instant superstar. Like, put her on Survivor. Right now.

Alison like, WAS the season.   - Skin Wars Fan

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Alison's selected favorites

from Season 3

Alison's Other

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Don’t hesitate to send a note with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding body painting appointments, classes/workshops, or the Online Store.

Or book Alison for speaking engagements, public appearances, and body painting events.

And of course, fan mail is always welcome.

Alison makes a point of answering every email- she LOVES Skin Wars fans!

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