Confessions of a Skin Wars runner up

When I was called by the creator of Skin Wars, I confess I had a bit of a panic attack. It was not something I was sure I wanted to do. But I quickly realized that BECAUSE it was so scary to me, that meant I HAD to go for it. I had to push forward. Get uncomfortable. Be terrified. Grow. Once on set, I did find myself terrified and uncomfortable much of the time. That first time in the workroom all I could think was, "How did I get here? I have no business painting with the likes of these amazing artists." But I also found myself growing and improving in leaps and bounds- as a body painter and as a human being. I tried weird things that didn't work. I got myself into the weeds. I le


Lots of people hate cilantro. It's a strong flavor and there's no way to hide it. It's okay to hate cilantro. Just because you don't like it's flavor. Period. No need to justify your feelings by projecting negative attributes onto it. Cilantro is not mean. Cilantro is not vindictive or out to get anyone. Cilantro is not two-faced. And cilantro is certainly not fake- if anything, it's only crime is being TOO MUCH like- cilantro! Okay, so by now I'm sure you've figured out that I am comparing myself to cilantro. #AlisonIsCilantro I've had a lot of people in my life- especially growing up- who did not like my strong "flavor". That's not always fun, but I totally accept that. What I


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