Confessions of a Skin Wars runner up

When I was called by the creator of Skin Wars, I confess I had a bit of a panic attack. It was not something I was sure I wanted to do. But I quickly realized that BECAUSE it was so scary to me, that meant I HAD to go for it. I had to push forward. Get uncomfortable. Be terrified. Grow.

Once on set, I did find myself terrified and uncomfortable much of the time. That first time in the workroom all I could think was, "How did I get here? I have no business painting with the likes of these amazing artists." But I also found myself growing and improving in leaps and bounds- as a body painter and as a human being. I tried weird things that didn't work. I got myself into the weeds. I learned to use an airbrush on the fly. (My tactic was to use it a bit on every challenge, so that by the time I got to the end I'd be somewhat proficient.) I had to learn to paint while explaining myself to celebrity judges surrounded with cameras.

Challenge by challenge I gained confidence. I started collecting wins and found myself in the top 3 in almost every challenge. I finally started believing that maybe I DID belong there. Hey- I might even WIN this thing.

Through it all, I tried to keep the goals that I had set for myself before arriving:

#1 I wanted to execute as many challenges as possible. I knew that trying lots of different things was where learning and transformation would come.

#2 I swore to listen intently to ALL critiques from the judges- not only of my pieces, but all the other contestants' as well. Constructive critique from a master is the most valuable gift an artist can get.

#3 I made a conscious decision in the very beginning to let myself be completely open and vulnerable. I promised myself I'd never be jaded. I'd never try to put on a character. Just be real and wear my heart on my sleeve.