Lots of people hate cilantro. It's a strong flavor and there's no way to hide it. It's okay to hate cilantro. Just because you don't like it's flavor. Period. No need to justify your feelings by projecting negative attributes onto it. Cilantro is not mean. Cilantro is not vindictive or out to get anyone. Cilantro is not two-faced. And cilantro is certainly not fake- if anything, it's only crime is being TOO MUCH like- cilantro!

Okay, so by now I'm sure you've figured out that I am comparing myself to cilantro. #AlisonIsCilantro I've had a lot of people in my life- especially growing up- who did not like my strong "flavor". That's not always fun, but I totally accept that.

What I find hard to accept is people hating me for things that I am not. Hating a #SkinWars TV personality and flavor that is not at all my own.

If you want to hate me, hate me because I have no filter sometimes, and I speak my mind when maybe I shouldn't. Hate me because I get my feelings hurt easily. Hate me because I pee my pants when I sneeze. Hate me because I won't tolerate bullies and I stand up to them even when it makes me unpopular. Hate me because I lecture people ad nauseum about the evils of refined sugar and processed foods. Hate me because I was an exotic dancer for 5 years and I loved it. Hate me because I have a stick up my ass about the rules, and I will speak up if I see someone trying to break them. Hate me because I always ask for extra credit projects and try to do more than is expected. Hate me because I'm super emotional and literally ANYTHING can make me cry- including beautiful music and amazing dance routines. Even cereal commercials. Hate me because I lose my confidence sometimes. Hate me because no matter how well I do at something, it is NEVER good enough to please my inner critic. Hate me because I say "Fuck" in front of my son at least three times a day. Not on purpose. Hate me because I laugh too loud- sometimes at very inappropriate times. Hate me because I'm way too honest, and I will spill your secret if you don't specifically tell me it is a secret. (sorry Ed) Hate me because no matter how early I wake up, I can never seem to get my kid to school on time. Hate me because I always have food stains on my boobs. Hate me because I get excited in conversations and forget to be a good listener. But there are millions of people who LIVE FOR cilantro. And the people who LOVE ME, love me for my bold, unmistakable, INIMITABLE flavor.

They love me because I am a fiercely loyal friend. They love me because I've never been afraid to be 100% myself, even when it's unpopular. They love me because I never flake out on them. They love me because I'm tenacious- I won't stop doing something until it's completed and done well. They love me because they can always count on me. They love me because they always know where they stand with me- I say what I mean and mean what I say. They love me because - even though I may be crying - I can still keep it together to do what needs to be done in a tough situation. They love me because I'm not afraid to be a goofball in public. They love me because I will literally start dancing anywhere. Same with singing. They love me because I LOVE to cook for everyone. They love me because I'm the one person who will tell them they have spinach in their teeth. They love m