My Path to Reality TV "Stardom"

I realized I was destined to be an entertainer as I stood on stage... in my dance teacher’s living room... tap dancing to “Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”. Even at age 5, I knew the spotlight had my name on it. Remember that singing, dancing frog from the old Warner Brothers’ cartoon? “Hello My Baby!” That was me. And it only got worse from there.

Between performing in plays, dance recitals, and singing performances, my entire youth was spent on stage. In high school- after wearing costumes and wigs to school every day for 4 years- I was unanimously voted “Most Individual”.

The next turning point was my first PAID gig at age 22: dancing the can can and a piece from “Cabaret” alongside a dancing drag queen, an all male cheer squad, a juggler, and a marimba band called Spin the Cat. With the quirky mentorship of a few street performers, I was spurred on to pursue imrov, circus school, busking, and a 20 year career as a clown.

The next 20 years were spent clowning, contorting, fire swallowing, face and body painting, and character acting at corporate events and private parties. Along the way I appeared in a few tiny film roles, got into professional wrestling with a small Bay Area federation, and began performing with an Argentine Tango troupe.

All of this was somewhat fueled by a bit of a competitive streak. I was always entering- and winning- costume, talent, art, and face painting contests. This led to my most recent pivotal moment- competing on the 3rd season of GSN’s Skin Wars. At age 44 I managed to claw my way to 2nd place - though I clearly SHOULD HAVE won. Just ask my mom!

My almost cartoonish sense of retro style made me the most memorable and easily recognizable contestant of the season- if not the entire series. I became a polarizing character: fans either loved me or HATED me, but none were ambivalent and NO ONE forgot me. And for some strange reason, everyone at the Dallas / Fort Worth airport knows who I am.

That’s RETRO, not pinup... I prefer to think of myself as that buxom 50s librarian your dad had a crush on in high school. I can act like a lady when I need to, but I know when to let my naughty side peek out.